Saturday, February 16, 2008

Go Utes!

We went to the Utah basketball game this afternoon. Lucy got to wear her cheerleading uniform for the first time, since it was relatively warm. How cute is that?

The game was fun as well. It was the 100th anniversary of Utah basketball, which made me nostalgic. Once when I was little, my grandpa took me to a game. At one point in the game he turned around and yelled to the crowd, "My wife's not here, let's have a good time!" Another time I was with my dad at a game and Jimmy Soto hit some amazing shot near the end of the game, with a sprained ankle, and my dad yelled, "And he's the smallest guy on the court." (Which is significant, because I'm pretty sure my dad is a tallist) Also, I swear I saw a tear in his eye.

I'm always getting after Justin for using valuable space in his brain for useless sports information. And now I find out I'm using up space for Utah basketball. However, I can take solace in the fact that I can't remember who won those games or what teams they played. Also, it was time spent with my grandpa and dad! I'm happy to say that Justin and I are carrying on the tradition with our kids, who have been going to games (football, basketball and gymnastics) since they were in utero. Go Utes!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Geoff Cotti Special

This is what our family calls the Geoff Cotti Special. It is a haircut inspired by our favorite Cotti, Geoff. Gone are the Troy inspired locks that were quickly turning into the Zach and Cody mops.

Justin learned to cut hair on his mission. He now cuts our boys, his brothers, Geoff, Nick and his own hair. We'll have a new addition to our "Lyon" family in June, Shawn, Mary's fiance. I hope he knows to be a brother-in-law means Justin cuts your hair. Just kidding! But if you do allow him to cut your hair, Shawn, make sure he's got on his reading glasses and doesn't mix the 6 and 8. Sorry, Nick! Also, look over the clippers before hand to make sure there are no missing tongs. They tend to cut. Sorry, Charlie!

Justin wants to cut my hair. That's not likely since Fantastic Sam's does such a good job. I have to admit when I butchered Lucy's bangs he fixed them up nicely.