Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Tween

Elliot is no longer a "little" kid. He had me carve WX into his pumpkin instead of a spooky face. He went trick or treating with friends. I dropped him off at 5:30 and was told he'd be home at ten. He dismissed his monster bag as lame. Opting for the much cooler pillow case. 


Treat or Trick

This year we had a baseball player, a zombie rockstar and an angel. We headed out to trick or treat with Joshy after a yummy spaghetti dinner. Along the way we picked up the Nelsons, Sonntags and Hogans. The kids ran from house to house for two solid hours. Their bags got so heavy I carried them while they went to the door.

They made out like bandits in the candy department. The Great Pumpkin trade-in is going to be epic.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

High Five

The baby is five. Lucy is so excited to be older than four. She thinks she's in the big leagues now. We opened presents and had yummy cupcakes, provided by her Aunt Morgan. It was definitely an American Girl birthday. She's been asking for an American Girl doll since she discovered Kirsten at Nana and Grandpa's house. Her wish came true when she opened a just like me doll, blond haired, brown eyed girl. She named her Katherine and has been changing her outfits and carrying her around since the second she opened her. Katherine has been to the doctor's office, the Eccles Fieldhouse, Wendy's, the car and all around the neighborhood.
A Spencer family tradition is on your fifth birthday you have your first friend birthday party. We've been planning a princess party for a couple of years now. A few weeks ago, Sissy and I were at Target and I started putting tiara's in the cart for party favors. It was then Lucy told me, she didn't want a princess party. She wanted a regular party with BOYS. I'm still not sure what a "regular" party is. I soon convinced her to have a Witch and Wizard party. So this morning we hosted 6 of Lucy's besties for a spooky party. They played halloween bingo, tossed rings over the witch's hat, levitated balloons with their wands, destroyed a ghost pinata, magically turned white frosting into the color of their choice, learned to fly on broomsticks and lastly defeated some super scary death eaters who tried to capture them. Fun was had by all.
Happy Birthday sweet sissy. We love you.