Monday, July 28, 2008

Boating and Chocolate

Thanks to Grandpa Joe and the Hogan Expedition, the Spencers have become boaters this summer. Elliot is bound and determined to wakeboard. And thanks to a pretty awesome uncle, who tandem wakeboarded with both boys, and lots of practice Elliot got up last week twice by himself. Now we just have to work on staying up and deep water starts. Charlie tries to get in on the action, but he likes to go slow which doesn't really work.
When it's not Wednesday, our designated boating day, the kids have been playing a lot of star wars and eating a lot of popsicles. Apparently, Lucy likes chocolate.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We made our annual trek to Yellowstone over the weekend. It seems our kids look forward to this trip more and more every year. And luckily, Yellowstone never disappoints. Charlie won the "What animal will we see first?" contest with bald eagle. The kids love to spot bears, elk, bison, pronghorn, coyotes and all manner of birds.
Our wolf hunt came up short this year. A ranger told the boys the white wolf we saw last year was killed by a rival pack in the fall. And, to add insult to injury, her pack left the park. Thus began the obsessing of how and why the white wolf died and when would she come back to Yellowstone. After two days of questions, Charlie told us the wolf would come back to Yellowstone when Jesus "corrected" (aka resurrected) her.

We hiked to many a stinky pot, which Lucy did not like at all and Charlie thought smelled like gopher, aka sulfur. The boys threw rocks at any water source they could spot. Elliot became a Jr. Ranger, again. We had a great time!
Thank you Grandma and Patrick! We love you.