Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday Boy

Charlie is 6! In true Lyon style we celebrated for days. It started last week with a cake at Nana and Grandpa's for the March birthdays. Then he got another cake at Grandma and Patch's on Sunday. Then a sweet cousin birthday party on Monday. We had a toro pinata. I forgot how good the cousins are at baseball and didn't blindfold them. Unfortunately for Elliot, Joey connected with the toro in a major way. Charlie requested Lemon cupcakes with green frosting and red candles. Classy. He scored in the present department. A new Utah uniform, stuffed animals, legos, gift cards and money. Sheesh!
Once his actual birthday rolled around, Justin went to his class to talk about Charlie via his VIP poster. Charlie soaked it up! Justin said he was a real ham. Yikes?! We ended the evening with left over spaghetti, cake, cupcakes and more presents. We scored with a super expensive . . . $6 over the door hoop for his bedroom. He loved it and had us asking why we bought anything else. Needless to say, for anyone who knows our family's sweat glands, Charlie went to bed sweaty from an intense game of PIG. Luckily for all involved he won.

Thanks to everyone who made Charlie's day(s) special! Happy birthday, Charlie. We love you!


Not sure who took this picture, but my money is on Charlie. Doesn't she look genuinely happy? She must have just finished a fruit snack, jumped on the trampoline or played babies. Those are the things that make Lucy grin from ear to ear.