Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Man Day

Justin took the boys snowboarding on Monday. Elliot has been several times and LOVES it. He informed me he only fell 9 times, went in the half pipe, caught some air on a jump and needs to go again as soon as possible because he is addicted to snowboarding. Seriously.

This was Charlie's first time on a real snowboard. He loves to go fast, on just about anything ... scooter, bike, tube, sled and now snowboard. Unfortunately, he couldn't master the art of braking, so there was a lot of crashing. 105 crashes according to Elliot. Who delighted in telling everyone that fact. Brothers, sheesh.

Charlie's favorite part of the day: the burger at lunch
Elliot's favorite part of the day: the air off his sweet jump
Justin's favorite part of the day: finding Elliot, who had been at the bottom of the hill by himself for about 20 minutes. And finding out Elliot had said a prayer that he wouldn't be lost! I love that kid.

Justin has promised Charlie he'll take him to Eaglewood to practice braking before sending him down the mountain again. So pray for snow. No one at Brighton should be subjected to another day of Charpedo.