Thursday, March 29, 2012


Elliot got his tooth literally yanked out playing dunk ball tonight. He went up for a reverse dunk and the net wrapped around his tooth. When he came down his tooth went flying.

It's now attached with wire and glue. For reals?!

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Charlie was baptized by his dad last week. It was loads of fun. The bishop introduced him with lots of fun facts like red is his favorite color, he likes pizza and math. When he grows up he wants to play football. His favorite scripture story is Nephi and the plates because Nephi was obedient. His favorite primary song is "I Love to See the Temple."

After the introductions we went to the font with the Sonntags. Liza and Charlie are five days apart in age. It was so fun to share the day with Liza! As an added bonus we got to be with all the Hogans, Sonntags and Uncle Phil. Charlie acted as a gentleman, a bit by force, and Liza went first. When it was finally his turn you could see the excitement on his face. As he came up out of the water I wanted to cheer out loud. I think we totally should incorporate cheering at baptisms. It's an exciting event!

Daniel confirmed Charlie and gave him an amazing blessing.

We celebrated with dinner and March madness after. Thank you to everyone who came to support Charlie. He's so lucky to have y'all!

Congrats Charlie! We are so proud you chose to be baptized.

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Friday, March 16, 2012


What's better than playing baseball and catching lizards on your birthday? Nuthin'

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Here is Charlie's birthday "Me" he shared with his class today. He's wearing his Blast uniform. On his legs it says, "My favorite food is pizza," and "I like to play baseball." On his torso it says, "I like mountain lions." So there you go, now you know more about the one we call Charlie.

Charlie also likes to sing really loud for no apparent reason. He loves Lego guys. He rubs his nose with his soft eagle right before he falls asleep. Charlie wakes up delirious in the night and has to be physically walked to the water closet and then back to bed. He is a sweet cousin. Basically, he's the best.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Almost Birthday Boy

Charlie had his 8th birthday party a week early tonight. It was a March Madness celebration. The ten boys played basketball, shot hoops and ran a relay with a WX jersey and Justin's high tops on. We ended the party with pizza, presents and my attempt at a basketball cupcake cake.

Fun was had by all. My head may need a 2 liter of any caffeinated beverage to recover. Eight year old boys are loud.

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Charlie took a line drive to the forehead last night at baseball. Luckily, it was deflected a tad by his glove. You can literally see the stitch mark skids from the ball on his skin. Yikes! All is well brain wise. No worries.

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