Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mutha Nation

Those ultra/college track/high school track teams had nothing on us! They didn't even psyche us out as they ran...sprinted past us. Word.

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Word to yo' "Mutha Runnas"

Wasatch Back was as fun as ever. Probably because the first requirement to be on the team was an a-1 personality, 2nd be over 30, 3rd have been through child birth and last but not least have run in the last decade. With all those requirements we still rocked the ragnar like no other. Next year here we come.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Headed to the pool for some fun in the sun. Charlie could not get enough of the diving board and deep end. Lucy very girly like put herself up to her chin in the water. What?! Time to toughen up. Elliot's friend from school was there so they played dunk ball and ranked each other's cannon ball splashes. Could that be anymore boyish.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cardinals Rule

The boys played for the Cardinals in their first baseball experience. I'm sorry to say we're now a baseball family. Charlie especially loves, loves baseball.

Elliot's favorite position was first base. He got many a kid out in the playoffs with his "vacuum" glove. Charlie loved playing catcher. He would get in there and seriously try to catch the machine pitches. They both loved hitting and Charlie even got a homerun in their first playoff game! So I think we'll be signing up again next year. I guess I better get on board.

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Dancing Queen

Lucy's first dance class was today. To say she loved it wouldn't do the word "love" justice. I've never seen a bigger smile. She pranced, skipped, posed and twirled!

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