Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thanks Pioneers

Fun on the 24th: ran 11, watched 1/2 the parade, shopped, fountains, ben & jerry's, bbq at the Lyon house, homemade rodeo and finally, passed out on the bed. Phew.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Awesome Water

Bear Lake was as fun as ever. The boys all wakeboarded, including Charlie for the first time! He was a trooper considering the water temperature was hovering around 67. Elliot mastered getting up and then "set a goal" to get air off the wake. After a couple of tough spills he was hesitant but kept trying and got some sweet air on his last run!
The boys also got to golf with Nana and Grandpa. On their last round they played best ball and Charlie had the best drive off the first tee. He hit past Elliot, Justin and Nana.
Lucy and I spent a lot of time soaking up the sun on the beach. She loves the beach! We also got ice cream cones, swung, played mini golf, went on jogs and sat in the hot tub.
Thanks Nana and Grandpa! That was some serious awesome water.
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