Thursday, August 23, 2012


Lucy is a for real kindergartner.

This is how her morning went....up before the alarm. Dressed in a flash. Ate half her cereal because her "tummy was nervous." Posed for photographs. Hugs and more hugs. Said hi to Mrs. F before heading out to the playground. One last hug. Ran to the monkey bars before I was 5 steps away.

Can't believe she's at school. I swear she was keeping me up all night just yesterday. Sigh

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Men on Campus

Inevitably, school has arrived. Elliot literally thought we were dropping him at the curb. No son, it's my parental right to walk you in on the first day of school. Luckily, Charlie let us walk him to class. Good luck, boys!

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Brrrr Lake

We began the vacation season by heading to Bear Lake. The boys both wake boarded. Lucy, with the help of the greatest Aunt Kathy, knee boarded for the first time. Needless to say, all three tubed.

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The Carolina Shore

We heart North Carolina!

The Outer Banks did not disappoint.

The kids played on the beach, skim boarded, boogie boarded, body surfed, hunted for crabs, fished, played with cousins and learned to play pool.

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The District

We spent a couple of days touring D.C. while we were back east.

As usual, we packed in the fun....burgers with Uncle Doug at the Shake Shack, monument march, Natural History Museum, Ford's Theater, Portrait Gallery, Nationals game, American History Museum, more monuments, Pentagon Memorial, chili at Hard Times Cafe and more monuments. Phew. So fun!!

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