Sunday, May 18, 2008

Headed to Boston

My mom qualified for the Boston Marathon yesterday! She ran the Ogden Marathon is 4:13, 2 minutes faster than the 4:15 she needed to qualify. Watching her power through the last 100 yards is always amazing.

Mom, you are an inspiration to me in so many ways. Thank you.

I'm thinking of running the Salt Lake Marathon next spring. Any takers?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Boy Heaven

"We stumbled upon "boy heaven" over the weekend. We took the kids for a bike ride along the Jordan River and found a dirt bike track with jumps galore. Before we could say, "Be careful," they were off. It took a few wipe outs before they got the hang of it.

Elliot has since asked me about 100 times, "Mom, was that the best day ever?"
The boys have also been taking swimming lessons to get ready for summer. After lessons, but before soccer, they love to climb the rock wall. They both can get to the top. However, Charlie usually freezes up there unsure of how to get down. We're working hard on the descent, since there's no way I'm climbing up.

Lucy is trying her best to keep up. She's now doing her version of a flip, a somersault, on Nana's trampoline. Nana also convinced her to climb up the ladder and go down the slide. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but the slide is more like a luge, without the turns. It's fast.

To Geoff: Sorry about the lack of posts. The Body Bugg has me obsessed with the calories I burn per minute. Blogging = 1 per minute. That's not good for my cal in/cal out ratio.