Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jazz Man

Charlie is playing on his first basketball team. He's on a team with lots of his buddies. The Fast Cats are pretty much totally awesome. His coach has them passing, running fast break plays and making sure everyone has a chance to score. They wear colored wrist bands so they know who to guard. It's hysterical!  Go Fast Cats!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

There's a Storm Coming

Basketball season is in full swing. Elliot is practicing hard and playing hard. His team is playing in the upper 4th grade division against tough teams from Lehi to Farmington. So far, we're hanging in there. They've beat some great teams, lost some close games and been blown out. The competition is steep, which helps Elliot learn and improve each game. He's even accepted losing without tears. No that's progress!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Finally! Snow! We've waited a long time for winter to arrive. The kids got bundled up to go play in the powder. They focused on snow forts to take cover in during their "epic" snowball fight.

Elder Wray

Dan's home from Toronto! The kids have been counting down for weeks. The boys followed him from room to room for most of the day. Lucy wasn't to sure about the situation. She hugged Justin instead of Dan at the airport. She dared to sit by him after about two hours. Five hours in was their first official hug.

After he was released we ate lasagna dinner and then headed to Elliot's basketball game. He didn't disappoint. Elliot scored 10 points and played great defense.

We're so glad Dan's home!!! As a side note, Dan's mission experience has been filmed for a documentary series. So look for us to blow up, fame wise, soon. We'll try to remember you when we're famous.