Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy 9 Months

Lucy was 9 months old yesterday! She was such a good lil' traveler on our trip back East. She's turned into a very proficient army crawler getting into everything in sight. She says dada regularly, although not to Justin. Her hair is coming in blonder every day. And also more and more fright wig every day. She has 2 teeth and does not like pureed turkey, but can you blame her? We love you, Lucy

The District

We spent 5 days touring D.C. with Morgan and Geoff. With 3 kids in tow we managed to see the: White House, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Air & Space Museum, Natural History Museum, Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetary, National Zoo, a Nationals game (which they won, go figure!), Baltimore Aquarium and Alexandria's Old Town and the Lyon Hill splash pad and park. Whew! We are now pros at manuvering a jogging stroller in a crowded metro, keeping kids hydrated in the heat and sweating without stinking . . . too bad. At the end of each day we ate some yummy food and fell right to sleep. Only to wake up and do it all again. We love D.C. and can see why Morgan and Geoff do to! Thanks for sharing your space with us!

North Carolina

We had the best time in North Carolina! We spent 6 solid days on the beach. In that time the boys learned to boogie board, skim board, build sandcastles, hunt for crab, body surf and have tons o' fun! We had many animal encounters . . . chasing crabs at night, seeing dolphins, encountering many different bugs in the wildlife refuge, frogs, ospreys and pelicans. But the highlight for Charlie was the blueberry filled scat we found at the refuge. (For those of you not in the know, scat is animal cr . . . poop) Justin and I took a surfing lesson. I got up for 1 glorious second of the 2 hour lesson. Justin had much more success. The boys soaked up every possible second they had with their cousins and Justin and I enjoyed late night games of pit and canasta. (Who knew you could enjoy that game before the age of 80?) All in all, the Spencers heart the Outer Banks.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I heart my neighbors

10 reasons our neighborhood 4th of July party rules
  1. Homerun derby

  2. Obstacle course

  3. Sweet fireworks

  4. Great friends

  5. Insane dutch oven cherry chocolate cobbler

  6. The running man

  7. Yummy food

  8. Lots of laughter

  9. Doug's head getting cinged by handheld fireworks

  10. Talking and talking and talking
  11. Flipper run

The big winners

Scooter cones

4th of July

We had a fun filled Independence Day. We started the day off with our traditional pancakes, bacon and eggs breakfast at Nana's. We enjoyed pure maple syrup from Canada and homemade raspberry jam. Yummo! The real fun began at 6 pm. I am of course referring to our neighborhood 4th of July party. We barbequed, ran an obstacle course, had a homerun derby, ate popsicles and cobbler, and topped it off with a sweet fireworks show. Needless to say, the kids went to bed without any problems.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bear Lake

We spent the weekend in Bear Lake with my mom. The moment we arrived we headed down to the beach. The boys built sandcastles and Lucy ate sand. On Sunday, we went to the bird refuge in Paris, Idaho that is. We saw sandhill crane, geese, ducks, egrets, great blue herons, ibis and a first for us, baby coot. (We're birders, alright!) Monday brought a 7 mile bike ride. Charlie completed the entire trip himself. However, he did cry for the last 1/2 mile. At the halfway point we stopped to refuel with some treats in Garden City. After the bike tour we went swimming to cool down. Then the boys went golfing with Nana and Justin. Elliot said that Nana's ball was like a magnet for the sand. (That can't be good)

The highlight of the trip was seeing 3 great horned owls, including an owlet wolfing down a duckling. The lowlight . . . Elliot found the arcade. The lowerlight . . . the arcade has a hunting game with a hillbilly accent. Good thing the Lyon parentals own a laundromat! We'll be needing lots of quarters for our next trip to Ideal Beach.


Is there anything better than a warm summer evening, the beach and a swing?