Friday, October 31, 2008

'pooky house

We have graduated to the next phase of the Halloween experience . . . serious trick-or-treating. The kids ran from house to house for 2.5 hours. Lucy got in on the action for about the first hour. She spent the next hour and a half being pushed in her stroller eating most of what she had gathered. The best part of the night was having Justin join us for the last hour - after his team lost wah, wah . . . yay! Obviously, I'm a bad coach's wife.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Word to Your Mutha

Justin and I tied for 3rd place at the 1st annual So You Think Can Dance party. We hip hopped our way through Chris Brown's "Gimme That." We pretty much rocked the crowd's faces off.

The stomp that ensued was awesome. Sadly, I am stiff this morning.

Birthday Girl

Lucy is 2! The boys were so excited for her birthday we opened presents right after breakfast. They gave her a make-up kit with chapstick and glitter eye shadow. She loves it! The "get yourself all done up" gene must have skipped a generation.

Her big present was a 3 story doll house. It is very pink. When she could work her way in, fighting her brothers for space, she loved it. By mid afternoon it was turned into a space station with R2D2 and R4 trying to keep General Grievous and his troops at bay. Whatever. Lucy makes light saber sounds and loves to play soccer so the boys can play with doll houses and wear her lip gloss.
Happy birthday Princess Lulu.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The boys soccer seasons are winding down. Can I say, without being a bad mom, that I really enjoy not coaching. To just watch and cheer has been a little slice of heaven.

The White Tigers and Green Rockets have made us proud. Both teams are awesome and I don't mean that in a supportive, all kids are great kind of way. They dominate. Some how they both were placed on teams with lots of kids that are aggressive and love to play. So they score a lot and win by a lot. And needless to say, for anyone who knows us, we like it that way. Just kidding . . . sort of.