Thursday, June 23, 2011

Big Leagues

Baseball is long. We're still going strong. Elliot went to three hours of camp this morning and played a double header in the afternoon. Charlie got in on the action with his own double header as well.

All-stars is Charlie's first experience playing real baseball. No more pitching machines or holding the ball up to stop the runners. He did great. He hit a single on his first at bat. He played second base, catcher and pitcher. In the second game he hit a triple!

Both boys lost both games. But they're so stoked to be playing all-stars they shook it off pretty quick. Or they were too tired to make a fuss. My money's on the latter.
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Is there anything better than throwing rocks in water? Nope.
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We made the annual trip to Yellowstone with the Walker, Wray, Froehling sans Daniel clan over the weekend. The weather was cold and wet, but the animals didn't disappoint. The tally: 15 bears, 5 sandhill cranes, 4 coyotes, 5 golden eagles, 3 foxes, hundreds of bison, a few elk, 25 bighorn sheep and the kicker .... a family of badgers. The kids always have a blast looking for animals, asking strangers what they're looking at, hiking, roasting hotdogs to lure in bear, eating smores and spending lots of time with Gromma, Patch and David.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Natural

Dear Baseball,
I am sorry to have maligned you all these years. I thought you were boring. I thought you were gross with all the spitting and adjusting. How was I to know the middle one would take to you so?

Are you happy to hear you've won me over? Charlie hit 2 doubles and a single last night. I cheered. He helped with every out in the first inning. I smiled. I heard the run down of games last night on sports center and knew what they were jabbering on about. I'm excited for 3 solid hours of baseball at the park tonight.

So goodbye soccer. I'll miss you. Just not as bad as I thought.
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