Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Six Years

Elliot is 6 years old today. The day began with being student of the day at school. Which means you get to help and be the line leader. It was a very big deal for Elliot. I took in his VIP poster and treats for his class. The kids get to ask questions for the VIP to answer as you pass out snack. Dylan, Elliot's buddy at school, raised his hand and said, "Um, Elliot, I love you! You're awesome." Not really a question, but so cute.

We endend the day with Elliot's dinner requests: lasagna, corn and grapes. After dinner we had a Utah cake. (It was supposed to be red . . . I know it's pink.) Elliot presents included a coyote - for his Yellowstone collection, a Wildcats uniform - see earlier High School Musical posts, Wildcat warm-ups, and a new bike.

Happy Birthday, Elliot. We love you.


Finally, it snowed in Utah! The boys have been literally praying for snow. Right after school today Elliot and Charlie went outside to make a snowman. There wasn't much snow. But they shoveled enough snow from the neighbors yard to make Teddy the Snowman.

Lucy loved the snow as well. She was grinning ear to ear.


We took the kids to visit their cousins in California over Thanksgiving break. It was an action packed weekend.

Our first stop was the tide pools at Half Moon Bay. The kids found sea stars, anemones, and hermit crabs. We spotted harbor seals resting on the rocks just off shore. Elliot and Charlie were in heaven! However, the highlight may have been the raccoon stuck in the dumpster that each boy had to see . . . over and over.

On Friday we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Charlie's favorite part was the otters exhibit. Elliot loved the video games at the otter exhibit. Lucy loved the slide at the otter exhibit and threw a tantrum when we finally hauled her away. The boys also loved the petting station. Where they both held sea stars, sea cucumbers, crabs, and kelp. We also got to see our second great white shark. This one was much smaller, but still amazing.

Saturday brought the San Francisco Zoo. The highlight was definitely the petting zoo. The goats in this petting zoo are a little pushy. Charlie fed all of his food to one little brown goat. As he turned around the goat rammed him in the back. In true Charlie fashion he took a swing at the goat and said, "Don't goat, I don't have any more food."
We had such a great time visiting the Cali Lyons!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Lucy is WALKING! After weeks of faking us out, she is now spending the majority of the day on her feet. Yeah! I am impatient when it comes to crawling after 1. It drives me crazy! Charlie didn't walk until he was 15 months. He weighed about 30 pounds and ruined all of his clothes. I know I should enjoy each moment and stage . . . whatever. Hooray for walking!

Lucy is blinded by the flash. Sorry you can't see her face. But she's really excited about walking!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


The boys invented a new game tonight: High School Musical laser tag. Basically, they run around the house shooting each other while dressed in their new East High gear (courtesy of Grandma). Every so often Charlie will sing a bar of HSM, "Soaring, flying, there's nothing to reach." (his version of 'breaking free")

It's nice to know that deep down Elliot is still a 6 year old boy. All the Troy talk, bangs, singing and dancing had us convinced he was becoming a 10 year old girl.