Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wasatch Back

I don't usually post about myself, but I did something over the weekend that was amazing. (That is to say, the experience was amazing, but I'm pretty awesome as well.)

I ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay with my friend Annie and her fun and funny family. We spent 31 hours together running, driving, starving, not sleeping and then running some more. I can't tell you why running, driving and starving was so fun, but it was!

I was runner #2 and my legs combined for 15 miles. On my final leg I was passed (road killed) by Matt Garff. What?!! As if losing to him in the Boulton Fun Run wasn't enough.

Wanting to hurl after trying to catch Matt!

I am literally counting down the days until next year's race. For the first time since my kids arrived I feel like the "I want to be athletic" part of Sara is back and I'm loving it!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm so glad that he's my dad

Eight greats about this Dad

1. He watches break dancing instuctions online.
2. He does all the kids hair, including shampoo, cut and style.
3. He knows Charlie's temper comes from him.
4. He's taught the kids how to play every sport imaginable.
5. He reads to the boys every night.
6. Elliot and Charlie are the apples of his eye.
7. He picked out all the paint colors in our house.
8. Lucy melts his heart.

Wedded Bliss

The youngest Lyon got hitched this week.
The grandkids had a grand old time at the dinner. There was dancing,chasing, eating, spilling, dancing some more, watching Nemo (lifesaver!!!!), and then dancing even more.

Swimming Lessons

The boys completed their second round of swimming lessons on Friday. Elliot is a "for real" swimmer. He can swim the length of the pool and go off the diving board. He gets worn out quickly though, considering he swims almost entirely with his arms.

Charlie loves the pool. He spends most of his time under water diving for toys.

Lucy tried to strip the whole time we were at lessons. Like her brothers before her, she wants to be in on the action at all times.